Marathon Weight Loss Challenge

Marathon Weight Loss Challenge is a free and fun way to lose weight.  

By joining the challenge you'll become part of team and compete together against other teams over a 10 day period.

Each day you'll share your progress and get amazing support and information to help you towards your personal goal.

So it's a Sprint, not a Marathon?  Well kind of, every 10 days we set our sights and go again.  Focus for 10 days, enjoy a sensible break over the weekend and go again.

Whilst you probably won't complete your entire weight loss journey in 10 days, you definitely make progress and keep motivated to go again.

At the start you'll get a plan to follow for each of the 10 days, you'll nutrition information, exercise videos to help you move more, explanation on how our products work and where they fit best in your journey plus plenty of motivation and support from your Team Captain (that's us by the way) and the other 8 players in your team.

At the end of 10 days there's allows an online Zoom call where all the captains bring their teams together to celebrate the results in their team and compare the overall results and announce the winning team.

All you have to do is drop us a line to get involved.

Not sure how it works or your not sure if its for you.  No problem, we also run a boot camp.  It's a bit like a supporters club, where you get to watch some the activities that go and get invited to the awards Zoom call to see how everyone did.

The race takes place on Telegram so you'll need to download the app or sign in online.  You can message us for more details by joining our information group on Telegram or by emailing us for details at

We look forward to helping you achieve better results than before.